Wargames 2018 – Satu Doc

Hi readers, during a CTF we (Shah and myself) participated this year, we were given a challenge called Satu Doc. For the challenge, we were given a .docx file which seems to be empty. We then used CTRL + A and noticed there’s some data as shown in the figure below:

Analyzing .docx file 

We then used “Text Highlight Color” feature, and highlighted those text as shown in the figure below:

Highlighted text 

Once the image is visible, we then zoomed in and noticed that the image was actually text. The text then was pasted on Sublime. Please refer to the figure below for the text:

Text from .docx

Upon some time later, we then realized that it was Ascii art. We then used an online tool to decode the image as shown in the figure below:

Decoding image

Upon decoding, we have gotten the flag. Figure below proves that we have successfully gotten  the flag:


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