Wargames 2018 – Teka Teki Pakcik Bawang

Hi readers, during a CTF we (Shah and myself) participated this year, we were given a URL which is only accessible via Tor Browser. While browsing through the web application, I noticed that there was a page called “Flag”. However, it only gave us a hint on how we could retrieve the flag as shown in the figure below:


While working on another challenge, we then noticed that a new hint was released and it mentioned:

Information Gathering: where do we run our CTF infra.

From the hint above, we then identified all the domains IP address and below is the information we gathered:


Upon getting the information, we used an online tool called ipinfo.io to get the segment/route information as shown in the figure below:

Route information of

With the route information, we then used NMAP to scan port 80 and grep the HTTP title. Below command was used:

nmap --script http-title -sS -p 80 -oN

Once the scan has been completed, we used “grep” to get the title information as shown in the figure below:

Grep information

Since now we have the IP, we could just access via any web browser and view the flag in plaintext as shown in figure below:


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